Sunday, February 17, 2013

First of Many Lasts

Hello again!

Get excited everybody… this is the second to last time I will ask you for money!

This May, all of the volunteers from my region will be uniting to work on a very special project– bringing together 60 teenage girls from rural, semi-rural, and urban communities for a 3-day leadership camp, with the theme of “Peace of Mind, Body, and Environment.”  These annual camps (one for girls, one for boys) are unparalleled opportunities for young female leaders to come together and bond with like-minded peers as they learn about mental, physical, and environmental health.

Activities and topics include a career fair, aptitude test, recycled arts workshops, trash management trainings, sexual education sessions and leadership habit development. In addition to helpful life skill sessions, our camps give teens a safe and inviting space to share who they are and where they see themselves in the future. The camps foster an environment for sharing highly personal topics, things they can’t normally express in schools nor in most homes.

Hearing from an HIV-Positive speaker at Camp ALMA 2012

Here’s where you come in.  A significant portion of the camp’s budget (40%) is coming from local community contributions and donated support.  But the rest, $2,200, volunteers are fundraising through the following link.  All donations made through this link are secure through the Peace Corps website and tax-deductible.

Please help us meet our fundraising needs!  As my last 5 months come to a close, this girls camp (and the following boys camp) will be even more special to me than they were last year.  The Peace Corps Volunteers of Lambayeque, Peru and our adolescent campers thank you!!  Any questions feel free to email me, leave a comment, or you can read more about the project in the donation link.  Relatives, please remember that if you are receiving this update by email, you cannot respond by “reply,” I won’t receive it!  


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